Dr. Heba Yassin is a family and psychological counselor, writer, lecturer, trainer and a presenter of programs of self-development fields, family relationships and mental health. She obtained a Bachelor of Clinical Pharmacy from the University of Tanta in the year 2000 AD. She started her studies in the field of consultation & guidance of family and psychological after her graduation within short time, when she discovered that this field is her true passion, and that it will be the way to achieve her mission in life. She obtained a family counseling diploma from a British university in 2005, and she became a certified trainer from ( Dr. Ibrahim Al-Fiqi), in the same year. Then, she received a Diploma in Mental Health and Family Guidance from the Emirates Academy (Al Rashid) in 2008. After that, she continued her academic and free studies in the field with the assistance of senior scientists and trainers from different parts of the world.

Her work experience varied in more than one field:

First: In the field of counseling and consulting:

Provided psychological and family counseling, since 2006.

Second: In the field of journalism:

She wrote many articles and fixed columns in many Egyptian newspapers, for example:

* Chapter (open your heart with Dr. Heba Yassin) weekly newspaper (the seventh day) for 4 years.

* The door (he and she) in Al-Watan newspaper.
* Chapter (I speak with Dr. Heba Yassin) monthly in the magazine (Our Word) for 4 years.

* You are not alone in the monthly (Hijab Fashion) magazine for 5 years.

* A weekly article for the magazine (Accident News).

 Third: In the field of visual media:

She presented many fixed paragraphs in many TV programs on various Egyptian and Arab satellite channels, and on YouTube channels, for example:

* Her own program (The Story of Failure) 2019, on her official YouTube channel.
* Her special program, “Stay informed” 2017, on her official YouTube channel.
* A paragraph (3 tips with Dr. Heba Yassin) on the program (From the Heart to the Heart) on the mbc channel, for a period of two years.

* Paragraph (Human Relations) with the program (Hour with Sheriff) on the (Al-Mehwar) channel, for a period of two years.

* She presented a paragraph (love and his years) on the program (Ezz Al-Shabab) on the (Egyptian Rotana) channel, for a period of 3 years.       

* The “Hard Characters” section of the program “You are the sweetest with Amina Shalbaya” on “Echo Al Balad” channel.

* A paragraph (For a Better Life) was presented with the program (Last Fashion) on Dream Channel, for a period of 3 years .

Fourth: In the field of writing and literary production:


Fifth: In the field of training:​

She presented many seminars, lectures and training courses in many bodies, universities, public and private institutions.